Explore the world of sea salt with this collection of mouthwatering infused sea salts along with hand harvested salts from across the globe.

Salt Sampler

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    Sel Gris: Harvested on the Brittany Coast in France this unrefined sea salt has a naturally great flavor and low sodium content then ordinary table salt. 


    Himalayan: Found deep whithin the Himalayan Mountains, this naturally harvested ancient sea salt is high in trace minerals. It is perfect for your salt mill or grinder. 


    Cyprus Black: Naturally formed salt pyramids are paired with activated charcole, making this salt beautiful while adding flavor and natural detoxifying properties. 


    Murry River: Harvested from south Australia's Murray River, this delicate salt is mild in flavor. The crystals melt quickly and evenly, making it ideal for roasting and finishing. 


    Lime Fresco: Hand harvested sea salt combines with zesty lime to creat a refreshing and versitile compliment to margaritas, chicken, fish, rice, vegetables, and salads. 


    Rosemary: This salt delivers a "straight from the herb garden" flavor. A natural pairing with chicken, potatoes, and in combination with oil and vinegar as a bread dip. 


    Habanero: This salt is hot! Naturally infused with one of the mosty spicy chili peppers, it is to be used sparingly, but often. Add to any dish that needs an extra kick. 


    Thai Ginger: A delicious burst of fresh juicy ginger finished with the clean taste of sea salt. Perfect for seasoning tuna, green beans, Asian noodle dishes, and desserts. 


    Applewood: Applewood from the Yakima Valley fuels the fire that flavors this naturally smoked sea salt. Enjoy this bold flavored salt over fish, shelfish, poultry, and pork. 


    Smokey Bacon: Naturally smoked sea salt with a mouth-watering bite of bacon! Enjoy this salt over eggs, meats and veggies, or use to rim a Bloody Mary, Ceaser, or Red Beer. 


    Citrus Dill: The fresh, zesty flavors of lemon and dill dominate this sea salt. Season veggie dips and spreads, add flavor to alfredo sauces, or sprinkle on chicken or fish. 


    Roasted Garlic: Each crystal of this savory sea salt is infused with garlic creating a "tres grourmet" version of traditional garlic salt. Use on meats, veggies, and everything else!

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